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Megaport partners with the world’s leading global service providers, data center operators, systems integrators, and managed services companies. Get access to a global network underlay that will take you wherever you want to go, however you want to get there.


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The only network you’ll ever need.

Build secure, scalable, and agile networks in just a few clicks, with one smart and simple platform to manage every connection. Provision your hybrid cloud, cross-cloud, multicloud, and edge connections all in one place.

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We’re trusted by the world’s leading companies to keep them connected.

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Testimonial from Framestore
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Using Megaport is so easy and consistent everywhere that we no longer have to worry about any cloud-based sort of workloads. If anyone asks whether we can connect to a new cloud or between offices quickly, the answer is, ‘Yeah. We have Megaport. It’s done.’

—Beren Lewis, Director of Global Systems and Infrastructure Technology, Framestore

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Testimonial from Heidelberg Materials
Heidelberg Materials Logo

We can multiply our bandwidth four times and still have lower cost than before.

—Vladimir Sivak, Network Specialist at Heidelberg Materials

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Testimonial from Goodman Fielder
Goodman Fielder Logo

Before Megaport, the data center was a large single point of failure. If a data center goes down, even just for an hour, the consequences could be disastrous.

—Peter Paleothodoros, Infrastructure Services Manager at Goodman Fielder

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Testimonial from NXP
NXP Logo

With Megaport, we were fully up and running with our cloud landing platform within a week. The whole process was very automated. So we went from a half a year timeline to a week or so.

—Henk Coenen, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, NXP

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