Megaport Insight Series

The Megaport Insight Series is a selection of byte-sized commentary clips from Megaport specialists.

Elastic Interconnection Enablement

Elastic Interconnection does for the network what cloud services did for computing. It is an on-demand network and provisioning service that enables real-time scaling and better economics than buying traditional static capacity. Ed Smith talks about the economical and operational benefits of both elastic connectivity and multi-cloud solutions.


Elastic Connectivity

The new way of buying telco services

What is multi-cloud?

Access multiple cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCI) through a single interface (

Megaport’s Unique Propositions

Enterprises that have moved to the cloud (or are planning to) must consider operation costs, performance, scalability, and security. Megaport’s success is attributed to the ongoing commitment of changing traditional telco billing and services. The clips below cover our disruptive services that are re-shaping the industry as you know it.


The Megaport API

Monitor network usage and scale on demand.

Private Cloud Connectivity

Controlled and dedicated performance.

Flexible Terms

Beyond the traditional telco model...

Megaport 'aha!' moments

This has never been done before...

1 Minute Case Study

How the elastic connectivity model changed News Corp Australia's network operations.

The Megaport Fabric

"Connect to any service provider regardless of where you are"

The Megaport SDN

Managing a global network with software

What is a Megaport?

Your onramp to Megaport’s SDN

Post Paid Billing

Pay for what you use - calculating billing down to the millisecond

What is a Virtual Cross Connect (VXC)?

Agility, efficiencies and convenience. Connect to the cloud in just 59 seconds

The Megaport Exchange

Neutral, Inclusive Marketplace – Rapid and Agile Connectivity – Self-Serve Environment


The Megaport Exchange

Anthony Niven, Ecosystem Director discusses the value of the Megaport Exchange to service providers and enterprise.

Megaport’s Partner Programs

Megaport’s Partner Programs have been created to support a global marketplace, which allows participants to sell services to enterprise customers on the Megaport fabric.


Partner Program Overview

Offer value, ease of ordering, flexibility, scaleable bandwidth to your customers

Carriers / Network Service Providers (NSP)

Partnering with Megaport allows NSPs to extend their network beyond their infrastructure

Data Centres (Megaport-in-a-Box)

The Megaport Data Centre Program is designed for Data Centre operators who want to extend their reach and capabilities outside the walls of their facility.

Cloud Service Providers

The Megaport Cloud Services Program is focused on extending our cloud partner’s services portfolio into a global ecosystem of users.

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